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Y-security bow for Lovejail Product: Y-security bow for Lovejail
Author: Marcio Luiz Correa Filho

(49 words)
This has solved all my wife problems! It is just perfect! Now i can pass thru airport security! Actually I have tested and works perfectly!!! I had to do an long 3 week trip and 5 airplanes to catch... On the first time I was extreme nervous... But n..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
CS-500/A Product: CS-500/A
Author: Jason Smith

(51 words)
I purchased the CS-500/A about 6 months ago and have been in it just about daily since. This belt is truly awesome. It took me about a month to get the sizing right, adjusting about once a week. I would just make size adjustments when my wife unlo..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Lovejail - The new Chastity belt for men! Product: Lovejail - The new Chastity belt for men!
Author: Ed Fritz

(43 words)
Excellent product! I purchased one in 2012, it had a different belt than the current model from what I can see, which makes for a great improvement. In summary, very secure and extremely comfortable. Anyone having problems wearing a ring and cage des..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB Product: TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB
Author: Steven Richardson

(45 words)
I have spent hundreds of pounds on various chastity belts and tubes including a tollyboy full steel belt, steelpleasures model, cb 6000 and 6000s and many lesser brands as well, to me none compares to this belt overall. I have nothing but praise for ..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
CS-900 Set Product: CS-900 Set
Author: Marcio Luiz Correa Filho

(46 words)
Hello there... I bought one of your belts and I have some ideas for future models: 1) How about make an belt that only the cage can be removed to teasing and play without have almost the hole thing out. 2) Make some option to introduce and remo..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB Product: TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB
Author: Visitor

(34 words)
Tony from the UK. Fetish-Felix CS100-Formerly Chastity Steel CS100 I\'ve come full circle with this device, well sort of anyway....... Many many moons back our journey into fetish/femdom/chastity/cuckolding began, but for the purpose of this ..

Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

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TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB
Tony from the UK. Fetish-F-
elix CS100-Formerly Chastity St ..

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