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Reviews to: TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB

TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB
Date: Thursday, 08. April 2010
Author: Visitor

Tony from the UK.

Fetish-Felix CS100-Formerly Chastity Steel CS100
I\'ve come full circle with this device, well sort of anyway.......

Many many moons back our journey into fetish/femdom/chastity/cuckolding began, but for the purpose of this review I\'ll stick to just chastity.....

We like lots of others started out with the honour system, then leather devices such as the gates of hell etc as there were no starter devices in those days and the internet was not as it was now so no Tollyboy or Neostel sites to trawl and buy from.....then along came the Millers and we bought the CB2000 which we used for play for many a year then the CB3000.....moving on from there the Steelworxx Steelheart2 saw us taking things a little more seriously and a little more long term to.....

There were other devices I forget the name of now, all had their merits aswell as their faults but much more mportant than this was the journey we were travelling, around about 3 years ago now after 8 or 12 years playing at it we decided (both of us) that we wanted to make chastity a life style and 24/7 or at least give it a go anyway................

Just to touch on 24/7..... to us that means Ma\'am keeps me locked up and decides when I come out to play, when I come out to wash and shave, when she may allow me to be free be that an hour or two here and there or a day, basically to us 24/7 means I gave control of my penis to my beloved Ma\'am not as some like to believe that a steel belt is locked on, then glued, then welded, and finally bolted and stitched never to come off even for a micro second....each to their own of course

So it was then we started to look for a belt that could be worn 24/7 and not be intrusive in our every day life......after much research we plummed to try the ChastitySteel CS500, for us it turned out to be an excellent choice.....

At first glance the belt appears to be a ball trap device with a steel waist band but this is very much not the case, the ball trap devices don\'t suit my body for much more than a few days at a time, actually what the CS100 is, is a kind of figure of eight type affair, it sits loosly behind the ball sack and the fact that the penis tube sits back through the ring/hoop is what holds it all in place, then the belt is secured tightly over the hips and keeps everything pulled into the body, the design is really ingenious and it almost immediately negates a lot of the problems most folks suffer with ball trap devices, erections aren\'t painful just restricted, no pulling on the balls, and a dab of white vaseline and a short break in period soon sees of the slight burning sensation behind the ball sack that you may encounter at first disappear....I personally apart from a little burning sensation never suffered any chaffing or other problems with this belt that forced me to have to take it off.........one huge and I do mean huge advantage of the CS belt is that it is adjustable up to 6 inches either way so if like me your weight fluctuates, it really isn\'t the problem that it is with a full florantine style belt....another is that there is no rear cable or band, so not only great from a hygeine point of view but also from a Femdom point of view too, we broke a couple of vey expensive canes when Ma\'am caught the top end of the cable on the Arch whilst punishing me.....

I guess we spent around 8 to 12 weeks breaking my body in to wearing the belt then came a small ceremony where Ma\'am locked on the belt, I gave her the key and she gave me my release date, I must say I was shocked when she said 1 year.....that year was a rollorcoaster ride of pain/cuckolding/emotion/satisfaction/frustration and another million senses that I can\'t begin to describe.....one of the happiest/best if not the happiest/best years in our now 17 year relationship.....awesome!

After the year was over we went vanilla for a few weeks and in that time decided that we loved the past year so much we would infact make it a lifestyle, no 1 year sentence but a life sentence a total power exchange for forever.......we measured up and bought a Neosteel *The Arch* then sold the CS500........

This review is not about saying bad things regarding the Arch, I loved the Arch vey much it was incredibly well engineered and if I was one of those that was a 34 inch waist and remained a 34 inch waist year round it would be perfect, but I\'m not and it\'s not! I seem to have an inability to keep the same waist size year round and so this last two years or so have been quite frustrating with periods where I couldn\'t get the belt on let alone wear it for any length of time........that really is a problem with me not the belt, the belt is excellent I have no bad to say about it at all......

And so to the Felix-Fetish CS100 after finally giving up on the Neosteel Arch I ordered the CS100 from Lars & Stephan at Fetish-Felix, we plumbed for the 100 rather than the 500 as we had last time as both Ma\'am and myself had got used to my penis being totally out of sight in the solid tube of the Arch and didn\'t want to go back to a cage type device....

What can I say, the communication was as last time excellent, delivery time was around 3 weeks, the quality is excellent, the Germans really do know about engineering, packaging(not that I\'m bothered) was discrete...all round a great experience and at 360.00 all in not too harsh on the pocket......

I put it on immediately it got here and I have to say it was like getting home from a long day and popping on your comfy slippers, a great feeling I wore it around 18 hours straight with no problems at all.....I\'ve been given till mid March to keep the keys and become accustomed to it, March is our anniversary so on our anniversary is when my life sentence starts, strange as it may sound whilst there is some fear of giving total control for forever that is overwhelmed by the excitement and longing to give that commitment......is it March yet? I wish it was....

So I highly recommend the belt.....
if ball trap devices are not for you,
if you don\'t want to spend 1000,00 plus on a belt,
if you can\'t maintain a set waist size,
If caning or discipline is part of your play,
If hygeine is an issue....


Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS


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TEST IT - CS-100 ProbCB
I have spent hundreds of pounds on various chastity belts an ..
5 of 5 stars!
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