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Recencie over: Lovejail

Datum: Sunday, 02. March 2014
Autor: Ed Fritz

Excellent product! I purchased one in 2012, it had a different belt than the current model from what I can see, which makes for a great improvement. In summary, very secure and extremely comfortable. Anyone having problems wearing a ring and cage design and is considering a belt option, should definitely invest in one of these belts, at least to see if the belt design better suits you. I have tried several plastic, silicon and metal ring and cage designs, and nothing compares to this.

Problem I had with the other designs, is that I am a grower. The ring designs were never secure and erections caused the devices to pull painfully away from my body. The belt on this device prevents the device frompulling away at all by keeping my equipment snug in place. The belt also makes it near impossiböe to pull out from.

The only problems (easily fixed) I had, were;
Pinching while putting on the cage portion. Just takes practice to get everything on right.
The plastic belt and silicon cover both stuck to my body. I made my own cloth cover, or you can buy one from here.
And lastly, the old belt design was too fragile. My belt cracked after a small bit of use. I ended up using an old leather belt to replace it. But it looks like a newer belt with better design is now available.

I really miss my belt, it was damaged beyond repair in a moving incident. But I think now that I have tried the belt design, I may upgrade to the CS-100 instead.

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