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Birdlocked "PICO"

с 116,97 EUR

включая 16 % налог с оборота не включая

номер артикула: FF-1535
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время пересылки: 3-4 Tage

No assembly between the cage and the ring for comfort and safety. No risk of pinching the skin in an assembly of several elements.

The cage is equipped with 17 peaks soft silicone.

The sheath contains 17 silicone spikes which react vigorously come into play as soon as an erection appears. Warning: this material is intended for trained individuals and for amateurs of extreme toys. The spikes are made of flexible silicone, but prolonged usage may provoke extreme sensations.

A triangular ring (not round like the other cages) to fully adopt the appearance of the male scrotum and help bring the cage over a long period.

Dimensions PICO model, Silicone 100% natural.

  • Total sheath length: 95 mm : 3.7 inches (95 mm)
  • Ring length: 30 mm: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
  • Sheath length : 2.53 inches (65 mm)
  • Tube diameter : 1.30 inches (33 mm)
  • Number of air holes: 7
  • Minimum silicone thickness: 0.15 inches (4 mm)


Этот артикул мы Sunday, 15. May 2011 добавили в наш каталог.

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