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Question to Chastiysteel chastity belts

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 21. Mai 2010, 21:00
von Stephan
Why this one chastity belt called CS-Lite? Are the chastity belt stainless steel or aluminum? What is the difference between the CS-Lite and the CS-100? If I buy a CS-Lite can I get accessories for it?

This item is called Lite, because it is only available in measurements 36 mm diameter and 9 cm length. All Chastitysteel belts are normally produced to your own individual measurements. And all Chastitysteel chastity belts are made out of stainless steel, even every single screw. Not like the items produced in Asia. So if you order a CS-100, we will start to produce your item after you have ordered. If you order a CS-Lite, the work is already done, and you can get it in the next days. And of course the locking system is a bit different; the CS-Lite is a bit easier and cheaper to produce. And of course every accessory will fit to every Chastitysteel chastity belt.